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New Grafton Gallery, London

Brian Hillman - Sculptures & Drawings

"... writing TV commercials for talking peas, selling Scotch Whisky to French bankers, Producing Annual Reports for Government agencies ... no experience is wasted, creativy can draw on anything, so long as the door is open.

In sculpture I now work in a variety of materials; clay, plaster, wax, metal, stone.
The quality if each has significant influence over the eventually created form and even when transmuted to bronze these qualities leave their living trace.

I also love working with found objects. And leaving them as far as possible as they are found. That moment of seeing the unexpected in the most ordinary of objects is quite hard to beat.

Drawings are now leading to an exploration of paint which can reveal a quite different music."


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telling and beautiful photographs of what one tends to miss as one goes about one's day. Anna Hilllman's environmental ethos pervades her work. She is the creator of the amazingness project and movement
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