Art begins when grasping ends

Art begins when grasping ends

for some that's what life's all about

Invitation to view

Here you’ll find some of the work I’ve been engaged in over a period of time.

Much of it I have not shown before.

I now realise there’s no point in not sharing.

All I can hope is that you enjoy what you see.

If you get something from it I’ll be really happy.

the bird is a welding offcut. no thinking, noi intention, ithere it is, perfect

Introduction to Sculptures

I love making sculpture.

It’s so engaging to move around a piece.

Even when making a small sculpture there’s no need to be static.

It makes me feel really in touch.

Ai Weiwei says your hands teach you, it’s true.

Sculptures Collection

‘The act of sculpting is like a dance’
lookinhg for stillness and direction at the same time

Introduction to Paintings

There seems to be as many ways to paint as there are painters. How do you choose? Make a mark. Be courageous. This step is repeated almost every time I face a canvas.  The process begins. Battle is engaged. When time has passed, you can get a sense of what is actually there and maybe a feeling for the next step.

I learnt from sculpting that if something is noi right, change it immediately, and then when all the balances and shapes are in harmony, leave it alone

Introduction to Paintings continued

My early love of colour is still there and I’m learning the colour, as well as shapes masses and spaces, can be compositional and lead to harmony and perhaps even drama.  Food for an inner dance of feeling as well as for the eye.

Some of my later paintings are a surprise and seem to hold the promise of stories and realms I had not consciously thought of.

Paintings Collection

The Canvas is the Battelground

Introduction to Drawings

The urge to make marks seems to be almost as natural as breathing. The goal is to be as free as a child and yet somehow make use of learned and sophisticated skills. Care perhaps, but not control. Launch the intention, let your skills come into play, and watch what happens.

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From studio visitors

“I love my Brian Hillman sculpture, 'Mother & child', it's become one of my favorite belongings.”  

Harriet Hoult

"Charming, amusing and witty. Nice balance between communicating with the audience and being left open to interpretation"


"Thank you, your work is very free and shows the feeling and intensity in a free way."

Charlotte Sutters