<span class="vcard">Lana</span>

Found Object Sculptures

The real delight is the sudden seeing of what is there

When working with found objects the real delight for me is that first sudden seeing. A feeling or character or emotion, completely unexpected, is suddenly revealed. A real ‘AHA’ moment. There’s no thinking in it. Sometimes it can take years for me to see what is under my nose.. Then I like to use as light a touch as possible, and so keep any intention or idea of mine well away from the final piece.

People see things differently, and mine is not the only way. I’ve learned that titles can be useful to indicate what I have seen but they are in no way intended to be restrictive.

Niche Paradou collection

This beautiful dicovery was made when I stayed in a lovely old mas in the Bouche du Rhone. The wall leading up to the house had empty niches carved in it and I filled them over the years with a variety of sculptures created out of most random objects. Every niche had now a story to tell.